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SOFNET  Special Operations Experience
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The Special Operations Experience brings the small team dynamics to you and there is nothing better for the team than getting into a good old 
fashioned firefight to bring your team closer together.

Your team adventure starts with the basic instruction of your Rules of Engagement (ROE) as well as orienting you to your weapon system. Ultimately, you will train with ultimate training munitions (UTM's) along with a basic foundation to shoot, move and communicate.

Team Leaders will be assigned and rotated to further the development of the TEAM dynamic. Once leadership is established the battle will begin!! Mission leaders will be briefed on their FORCE ON FORCE mission. It will then be on the leader to brief their Team in order to successfully maneuver through hostile villages and terrain in order to engage and eliminate their designated targets. Team communication and trust is paramount to the success of your team mission.

This experience will ultimately strengthen the bond between you and your team as you successfully negotiate and eliminate the threat together.

Training Topics

Food & Water

Recommended 1 gallon water per day, Students will not be released for lunch. Enough food to support lunch and a day of shooting should be carried in each day.