»Tracker Level 1

Tracker Level 1
  • Price: $175.00
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Round Count:
    NA Student note- Please do not bring any steel core, armor piercing or tracers. They will not be allowed in any SofNet courses.
  • Prerequisites:

Course Dates

  • No Course Dates Scheduled


Basic understanding of tracking techniques and terminology.

Training Topics

  • 0800-0900 - Introduction, glossary, basic tracking techniques, properties of a footprint, and visual indicators (Power Point)
  • 0900-1200 - Spoor pit exercise  
  • 1200-1300 - Lunch
  • 1300-1430 -  Micro tracking exercise
  • 1430-1600 -  Individual tracking exercise

Required Equipment

  • Water and food for the whole day.
  • Be physically fit to handle long hikes.
  • Write in the rain pen and paper.
  • Wet weather gear (If it rains, we keep tracking!!)
  • SPF sunscreen and hat

Recommended Equipment


Food & Water

Recommended 2 gallons of water. Students will not be released for lunch. Enough food to support lunch and a day hiking.