»Basic Pistol

Basic Pistol
  • Price: $450.00
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Round Count:
    500 Student note- Please do not bring any steel core, armor piercing or tracers. They will not be allowed in any SofNet courses.
  • Prerequisites:

Course Dates

  • No Course Dates Scheduled


The Basic Pistol class establishes the fundamentals required to accurately and effectively employ a pistol in a hostile environment.  Establishing the fundamentals of marksmanship will set the stage for accurate and reliable shots in a shoot or no-shoot environment.

 Your basic pistol skills will be assessed and we will assist you with establishing your stable shooting platform which will mold you into a very accurate shooter and carry you over into the intermediate, advanced and operator level courses.

 The basics skills taught during this pistol class are safety, marksmanship, accuracy, target identification, shoot or no-shoot scenarios and a qualification course.

Lead instructor Nils Jonasson is a USPSA National Champion.  If you want to take pistol shooting seriously or are just concerned with personal protection, you will have one of the fastest most accurate shooters in the world teaching you the ropes.  Other instructors in this course have an extremely diverse military background with the knowledge and real world experience that few instructors, let alone companies, can bring to the table.

Training Topics

  • Safety Circle
  • Shooting Stance
  • 4 Step Draw
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Trigger Reset/Zero Check
  • Transition to Support Hand
  • Tactical Reloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Shoot/No-Shoot/Challenge
  • 21 Foot Drill Demonstration
  • Accuracy Drills

Required Equipment

  • Pistol with correlating holster
  • 3 ammunition magazines
  • Ammunition pouch to hold at least two magazines
  • Ear/Eye Protection
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Range Clothing

Recommended Equipment

  • 3 additional magazines for your weapon to help manage reloading time/breaks
  • Camelback or water source on person
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks/Food

Food & Water

Recommended 1 gallon water per day, Students will not be released for lunch. Enough food to support lunch and a day of shooting should be carried in each day.